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Participating laboratories

LBL Logo Genomics Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
VIMMS logo The Virtual Institute of Microbial Stress and Survival (VIMSS)
RTCB Logo Research and Training Center on Bioinformatics

RegTransBase team

Project leaders

  • Inna Dubchak (LBNL)
  • Mikhail Gelfand (IITP)

Logistics, structure

  • Alexey Kazakov
  • Michael Cipriano


  • Michael Cipriano
  • Pavel Novichkov
  • Dmitry Vinogradov
  • Andrei Mironov

Top 10 annotators

  • Dmitry Rodionov
  • Elena Balashova
  • Dmitry Ravcheev
  • Natalia Mushenkova
  • Maria Orlova
  • Alexei Vitreschak
  • Marina Sudomoina
  • Michael Spivakoff
  • Sergey Mureyev
  • Serguei Moshkovskii

announcements Funding

Development of RegTransBase has been supported by US Department of Energy Genomics GTL grant (DE-AC03-76SF00098), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (grants 55000309 and 55005610 to M.G.), the Russian Academy of Sciences via the programs "Molecular and Cellular Biology" and "Origin and Evolution of the Biosphere", and Integrated Genomics, Inc.

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Scientific inquiries should be sent to Inna Dubchak (ildubchak at lbl dot gov).
Technical inquiries should be sent to Michael Cipriano (mjcipriano at lbl dot gov).