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Each record below comprises a transcription factor binding site training set created by an expert curator. With each record, we provide the bindings site location with reference to a published sequence (NCBI RefSeq usually), the sequence, the gene which is affected by the binding, the evidence for the binding, any relevant articles pertaining to that site, and the transcription factor which binds the site. We also provide for download the sequence logo for the alignment, and profiles in many different formats as well as suggest recommended options in using the profiles (cut-off scores, distance from gene, taxonomy). For information on how these alignments were built, click here.

Logo Alignment Name Description Alignment Sequences High
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Taxonomy Run
seqlogo ABC0302_Bacilliales Predicted regulator of mannoate metabolism 22 9718 Bacillales Run ABC0302_Bacilliales Profile
seqlogo ABC1168_Bacillus_Burkholderia_Rhodobacteriales Putative histidinol dehydrogenase gene regulator 8 Bacillaceae
Run ABC1168_Bacillus_Burkholderia_Rhodobacteriales Profile
seqlogo AglR_Rhizobiales Predicted AglR oligasaccarides utilization regulator in Rhizobiales 24 779 Rhizobiales Run AglR_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo AlgR_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Transcriptional regulator aglR 56 2250 Rhizobiales
Run AlgR_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo AraC_Enterobacteriales Arabinose catabolism transcriptional regulator 10 9284 Enterobacteriales Run AraC_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo ArcA_Gammaproteobacteria Transcriptional dual regulator 9 Gammaproteobacteria Run ArcA_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo AscG_Escherichia_Shigella Predicted regulator of the acs operon 44 887 Escherichia
Run AscG_Escherichia_Shigella Profile
seqlogo Atu3062_Alphaproteobacteria_Pseudomonas Predicted transcriptional regulator Atu3062 8 Pseudomonadales
Run Atu3062_Alphaproteobacteria_Pseudomonas Profile
seqlogo Atu4556_Rhizobiales Predicted transcriptional regulator for polygalacturonase and sugar transport 12 641 Rhizobiales Run Atu4556_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo Atu5007_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Predicted regulator of glutamine transport in Rhodobacterales and Rhizobiales 14 1430 Rhizobiales
Run Atu5007_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo Atu5393_Rhizobiales Predicted regulator of the dapA operon. 4 558 Rhizobiales Run Atu5393_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo BB0548_Burkholderiales Predicted transcriptional regulator of citrate synthase. 4 Burkholderiales Run BB0548_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo BCAM1716_Burkholderiales_Actinomycetales Putative dicarboxylate transport regulator. 12 Actinomycetales
Run BCAM1716_Burkholderiales_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo BCAS0099_Burkholderiales_Rhodobacterales Predicted transcriptional regulator of ribokinase and dihydrodipicolinate synthetase genes. 16 Burkholderiales
Run BCAS0099_Burkholderiales_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo BH1250_Bacillaceae_Lactobacillaceae Predicted alpha-glucosidase regulator 4 9214 Bacillaceae
Run BH1250_Bacillaceae_Lactobacillaceae Profile
seqlogo BH3692_Bacilli_Clostridia Predicted transcriptional regulator of the trehalose and maltose hydrolase gene 5 12855 Bacilli
Run BH3692_Bacilli_Clostridia Profile
seqlogo BirA_Euryarchaeota Biotin operon transcriptional repressor 14 Archaeoglobi
Run BirA_Euryarchaeota Profile
seqlogo BirA_Firmicutes Biotin operon transcriptional repressor 42 Bacilli
Run BirA_Firmicutes Profile
seqlogo BirA_Proteobacteria Biotin operon transcriptional repressor 50 Betaproteobacteria
Run BirA_Proteobacteria Profile
seqlogo bll3974_Rhizobiales Predicted transcriptional regulator of D-serine deaminase and amino acid transport 5 2209 Rhizobiales Run bll3974_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo BT0487_Bacteroides Predicted transcriptional regulator of mannonate and gluconate metabolism 14 452 Bacteroides Run BT0487_Bacteroides Profile
seqlogo CcpA_Bacilli Carbon catabolism transcriptional regulator 11 22285 Bacilli Run CcpA_Bacilli Profile
seqlogo CelR_Actinomycetales 35 Actinomycetales Run CelR_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo CMS2952_Streptomyces Predicted transcriptional regulator of secreted proteins genes 10 1173 Streptomyces Run CMS2952_Streptomyces Profile
seqlogo Crp_Gammaproteobacteria cAMP sensitive transcriptional dual regulator 139 Gammaproteobacteria Run Crp_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo CscR_Gammaproteobacteria Sucrose metabolism regulator CscR 38 Gammaproteobacteria Run CscR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo CtsR_Firmicutes Negative regulaton of class III stress genes. 21 18419 Bacilli
Run CtsR_Firmicutes Profile
seqlogo DasR_Streptomycineae DasR transcriptional regulator 10 350 Streptomycineae Run DasR_Streptomycineae Profile
seqlogo DeoR_Enterobacteriales Transcriptional repressor for the deo operon 11 2827 Enterobacteriales Run DeoR_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo DR2501_Deinococcus Predicted transcriptional regulator of the UDP-glucose 4-epimerase gene 6 16 Deinococcus Run DR2501_Deinococcus Profile
seqlogo ECA2487_Gammaproteobacteria Predicted transcriptional regulator of cellobiose-specific PTS system 8 Gammaproteobacteria Run ECA2487_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo ECA3649_Erwinia Predicted sugar catabolism regulator in Erwinia carotovora 7 4412 Enterobacteriales Run ECA3649_Erwinia Profile
seqlogo ExuR_Bacilli_Clostridia Predicted transcriptional regulator of uronate metabolism 29 25611 Bacilli
Run ExuR_Bacilli_Clostridia Profile
seqlogo FadR_Gammaproteobacteria Fatty acids metabolism dual transcriptional regulator. 10 Gammaproteobacteria Run FadR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo FixK_FnrN_Rhizobiales Oxygen responsive nitrate fixation regulators 7 6512 Rhizobiales Run FixK_FnrN_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo Fnr_Gammaproteobacteria Oxygen sensitive transcriptional dual regulator 38 Gammaproteobacteria Run Fnr_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo FruR_Alpha_Beta_Xanthomonadales Predicted fructose regulator 42 Burkholderiales
Run FruR_Alpha_Beta_Xanthomonadales Profile
seqlogo FruR_Gammaproteobacteria Fructose sensitive dual transcriptional regulator 14 Gammaproteobacteria Run FruR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo FruR_Vibrionales_Pseudomonadales Predicted fructose regulator 68 Vibrionales Run FruR_Vibrionales_Pseudomonadales Profile
seqlogo GalR_Gammaproteobacteria Galactose sensitive transcriptional repressor 21 Gammaproteobacteria Run GalR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo GalRS_Gammaproteobacteria Galactose repressors GalR and GalS 216 Gammaproteobacteria Run GalRS_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo GntR_Alphaproteobacteria_Alteromonadales Predicted gluconate utilization regulator GntR 19 3657 Alphaproteobacteria
Run GntR_Alphaproteobacteria_Alteromonadales Profile
seqlogo GntR_Gammaproteobacteria Gluconate repressor GntR 155 Enterobacteriales
Run GntR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo GntR_Pseudomonadales_Burkholderiales Gluconate utilization regulator GntR 51 Burkholderiales
Run GntR_Pseudomonadales_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo GntR_Rhodobacterales Glycolysis/gluconeogenesis regulator GntR 36 1388 Rhodobacterales Run GntR_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo IscR_Beta_Gamma IscR iron-sulfur cluster assembly transcriptional regulator 98 Betaproteobacteria
Run IscR_Beta_Gamma Profile
seqlogo IscR_Rhodospirillaceae_Rhodobacterales Putative iron-sulfur cluster assembly transcriptional regulator IscR 5 2291 Rhodobacterales
Run IscR_Rhodospirillaceae_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo IscR_Rhodospirillales_Sphingomonadales Putative iron-sulfur cluster assembly transcriptional regulator IscR 6 221 Acetobacteraceae
Run IscR_Rhodospirillales_Sphingomonadales Profile
seqlogo IscR_Rickettsiales Putative transcription factor IscR 3 1878 Rickettsiales Run IscR_Rickettsiales Profile
seqlogo KdgR_Bacillaceae Predicted KdgR regulator in Bacillaceae 7 4549 Bacillaceae Run KdgR_Bacillaceae Profile
seqlogo LacI_Enterobacteriales Lactose repressor LacI 39 6210 Enterobacteriales Run LacI_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo LacI_Yersinia LacI predicted regulator of the lactose operon 36 753 Yersinia Run LacI_Yersinia Profile
seqlogo LJ0739_Lactobacillus Putative sugar transport regulator in Lactobacillus spp. 4 914 Lactobacillus Run LJ0739_Lactobacillus Profile
seqlogo LldR_Enterobacteriales L-lactate utilization regulator LldR 32 6029 Enterobacteriales Run LldR_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo LMO0535_Enterococcaceae_Listeriaceae Predicted regulator of beta-glucosidase in Listeria and Enterococcus 14 655 Enterococcaceae
Run LMO0535_Enterococcaceae_Listeriaceae Profile
seqlogo lmo0734_Listeria_Symbiobacterium Predicted pentose phosphate pathway regulator 9 1116 Listeria
Run lmo0734_Listeria_Symbiobacterium Profile
seqlogo LMO1727_Enterococcaceae_Listeriaceae Predicted sugar transpoert regulator 14 1034 Enterococcaceae
Run LMO1727_Enterococcaceae_Listeriaceae Profile
seqlogo MalI_Enterobacteriales Maltose repressor MalI 56 5175 Enterobacteriales
Vibrio fischeri ES114
Run MalI_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo MalR_Bacillaceae Maltose metabolism regulator MalR in Bacilliaceae 135 Bacillaceae Run MalR_Bacillaceae Profile
seqlogo MalR_Clostridiales_Thermoanaerobacteriales Predicted glucosidase regulator MalR 11 3398 Clostridiales
Run MalR_Clostridiales_Thermoanaerobacteriales Profile
seqlogo MalR_Clostridium perfringens Maltose metabolism regulator MalR. 18 421 Clostridium perfringens Run MalR_Clostridium perfringens Profile
seqlogo MalR_Clostridium_perfringens Maltose metabolism regulator MalR. 18 421 Clostridium perfringens Run MalR_Clostridium_perfringens Profile
seqlogo MalR_Lactobacillales Maltose repressor MalR 108 2833 Lactobacillales Run MalR_Lactobacillales Profile
seqlogo MalR_Pediococcus_Leuconostoc Maltose metabolism regulator MalR in Bacilliaceae 5 156 Leuconostoc
Run MalR_Pediococcus_Leuconostoc Profile
seqlogo MalR_Staphylococcus Maltose repressor MalR 20 1451 Staphylococcus Run MalR_Staphylococcus Profile
seqlogo MalR_Streptococcus_pneumoniae Maltose repressor MalR 19 816 Streptococcus pneumoniae Run MalR_Streptococcus_pneumoniae Profile
seqlogo MarA_Enterobacteriales Multiple antibiotic resistance regulator 6 6845 Enterobacteriales Run MarA_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo McbR_Corynebacterium Sulfur metabolism transcriptional regulator 29 244 Corynebacterium Run McbR_Corynebacterium Profile
seqlogo mlr8213_Mesorhizobium_Streptomyces Predicted fructokinase gene regulator 3 160 Mesorhizobium
Run mlr8213_Mesorhizobium_Streptomyces Profile
seqlogo ModE_Gammaproteobacteria Molybdate-responsive transcriptional dual regulator 11 Gammaproteobacteria Run ModE_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo MsmR_Lactobacillales MsmR repressor of the msm operon 6 9124 Lactobacillales Run MsmR_Lactobacillales Profile
seqlogo MtaR_Streptococcaceae Methionine uptake regulator 19 2097 Streptococcaceae Run MtaR_Streptococcaceae Profile
seqlogo NadR_Enterobacteriales Transcriptional repressor of NAD biosynthesis genes 10 7655 Enterobacteriales Run NadR_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo NagC_Gammaproteobacteria Transcriptional repressor of nag (N-acetylglucosamine) operon 60 Enterobacteriales
Run NagC_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo NagQ_a_b_g_Proteobacteria Predicted transcriptional regulator NagQ 12 Alphaproteobacteria
Run NagQ_a_b_g_Proteobacteria Profile
seqlogo NagR_Xanthomonadales_Alteromonadales Predicted transcriptional regulator NagR 52 2469 Alteromonadales
Run NagR_Xanthomonadales_Alteromonadales Profile
seqlogo NarP_Gammaproteobacteria Nitrate and nitrite responsive dual regulator 31 Gammaproteobacteria Run NarP_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo NrdR_Firmicutes Nucleotide reductase regulation protein NrdR 10 15534 Bacilli
Run NrdR_Firmicutes Profile
seqlogo NrdR_Proteobacteria Nucleotide reductase regulation protein NrdR 29 Alphaproteobacteria
Run NrdR_Proteobacteria Profile
seqlogo NtdR_Bacillales Neotrehalosadiamine biosynthesis regulator NtdR 6 10101 Bacillales Run NtdR_Bacillales Profile
seqlogo PckR_Rhizobiales Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase regulator PckR 91 949 Rhizobiales Run PckR_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo PdhR_Gammaproteobacteria Pyruvate dehydrogenase regulator PdhR 79 Gammaproteobacteria Run PdhR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo PsrA_Proteobacteria Transcriptional regulator PsrA 39 Alphaproteobacteria
Run PsrA_Proteobacteria Profile
seqlogo PtxS_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales 2-ketogluconate utilization regulator PtxS 25 Burkholderiales
Run PtxS_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales Profile
seqlogo PurR_Enterobacteriales_Pasteurellales_Vibrionales Purine repressor 19 Enterobacteriales
Run PurR_Enterobacteriales_Pasteurellales_Vibrionales Profile
seqlogo RafR_Enterobacteriales RafR repressor of the raf operon 14 3187 Enterobacteriales Run RafR_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo RBPS06636_Burkholderia Predicted fructose regulator in Burkholderia 20 Burkholderia Run RBPS06636_Burkholderia Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Actinomycetales Predicted RbsR regulator in Actinomycetales 12 Actinomycetales Run RbsR_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Bacillales_Lactobacillales Predicted RbsR regulator in Bacillales and Lactobacillales 20 11377 Bacillales
Run RbsR_Bacillales_Lactobacillales Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Bacilli Ribose regulator RbsR 17 15940 Bacilli Run RbsR_Bacilli Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales Predicted RbsR regulator in Burkholderiales and Pseudomonadales 15 Burkholderiales
Run RbsR_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Clostridia Predicted RbsR regulator in Clostridia 10 2626 Clostridia Run RbsR_Clostridia Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Enterobacteriales_Pasteurellales_Vibrionales Ribose operon repressor RbsR 37 Enterobacteriales
Run RbsR_Enterobacteriales_Pasteurellales_Vibrionales Profile
seqlogo RbsR_Streptomycetaceae_Rubrobacteraceae Predicted RbsR regulator in Actinobacteria 6 144 Rubrobacteraceae
Run RbsR_Streptomycetaceae_Rubrobacteraceae Profile
seqlogo RbtR_Rhizobiales_Rhodobacterales Predicted ribitol regulator in Alphaproteobacteria 16 1891 Rhizobiales
Run RbtR_Rhizobiales_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo RegR_Streptococcus RegR, modulator of the expression of virulence factors 95 1625 Streptococcus Run RegR_Streptococcus Profile
seqlogo Reut_C5892_Burkholderiales Predicted dihydroxy-acid dehydratase regulator in Burkholderiales 4 Burkholderiales Run Reut_C5892_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo Rfer_1112_Burkholderiales Predicted sugar utilization regulator in Burkholderiales 5 Burkholderiales Run Rfer_1112_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo RKP05499_Bacteria Predicted sugar phosphates utilization regulator RKP05499 27 Bacilli
Run RKP05499_Bacteria Profile
seqlogo RL4253_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Predicted sugar transport regulator in Rhodobacterales and Rhizobiales 12 936 Rhizobiales
Run RL4253_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo RpoE_Gammaproteobacteria RNA polymerase sigma-E factor 40 Gammaproteobacteria Run RpoE_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo RpoH_Caulobacterales RNA polymerase sigma-32 factor 10 Caulobacterales Run RpoH_Caulobacterales Profile
seqlogo RpoH_Gammaproteobacteria RNA polymerase sigma-32 factor 32 Gammaproteobacteria Run RpoH_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo RpoH_Rhodobacterales RNA polymerase sigma-32 factor 6 Rhodobacterales Run RpoH_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo RPU04121_Methylophilales_Pseudomonadales Predicted regulator of aminoacetate derivatives metabolism RPU04121 8 Methylophilales
Run RPU04121_Methylophilales_Pseudomonadales Profile
seqlogo RSc0472_Burkholderiales Transcriptional regulator 20 Burkholderiales Run RSc0472_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo RSc1790_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales Predicted regulator of polyamine transport RSc1790 14 Burkholderiales
Run RSc1790_Burkholderiales_Pseudomonadales Profile
seqlogo SAV7156_Actinomycetales Predicted regulator of dehydrogenase and sugar phosphate isomerase in Actinomycetales 4 Actinomycetales Run SAV7156_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo SCO0806_Actinomycetales Predicted regulator of rhamnose utilization in Actinomycetales 15 Actinomycetales Run SCO0806_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo SCO2753_Actinomycetales Predicted regulator of sugar utilization in Actinomycetales 7 Actinomycetales Run SCO2753_Actinomycetales Profile
seqlogo SCO7411_Actinobacteridae Predicted regulator of galactose utilization in Actinobacteria 8 Actinobacteridae Run SCO7411_Actinobacteridae Profile
seqlogo ScrR_Bacilli Sucrose metabolism regulator ScrR 75 6266 Bacilli Run ScrR_Bacilli Profile
seqlogo ScrR_Firmicutes_Burkholderiales Sucrose metabolism regulator ScrR 61 Burkholderiales
Run ScrR_Firmicutes_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo ScrR_Gammaproteobacteria Sucrose metabolism regulator ScrR 8 Gammaproteobacteria Run ScrR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo SigB_Bacilli RNA polymerase general stress sigma factor 56 Bacilli Run SigB_Bacilli Profile
seqlogo SMA1711_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Predicted sugar metabolism regulator SMA1711 in Rhodobacterales and Rhizobiales 21 2346 Rhizobiales
Run SMA1711_Rhodobacterales_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMA2527_Enterobacteriales_Oceanospirillales Predicted sugar utilization regulator in Yersinia and Hahella 14 6376 Enterobacteriales
Run SMA2527_Enterobacteriales_Oceanospirillales Profile
seqlogo SMb20537_Rhizobiales Predicted sugar utilization regulator in Rhizobiales 8 638 Rhizobiales Run SMb20537_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMb20667_Rhizobiales Predicted dicarboxylate metabolism regulator in Rhizobiales 14 2553 Rhizobiales Run SMb20667_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMb20717_Alphaproteobacteria Predicted ribose transport regulator in Alphaproteobacteria 24 1189 Caulobacterales
Run SMb20717_Alphaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo SMb21272_Rhizobiales Predicted nucleotide modification regulator in Rhizobiales 3 351 Rhizobiales Run SMb21272_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMb21372_Rhizobiales_Rhodobacterales SMb21372 predicted sugar utilization regulator in Rhizobiales and Rhodobacterales 6 2833 Rhizobiales
Run SMb21372_Rhizobiales_Rhodobacterales Profile
seqlogo SMb21598_Rhizobiales Predicted ribose transport regulator in Rhizobiales 15 1993 Rhizobiales Run SMb21598_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMb21706_Rhizobiales Predicted lactose transport regulator in Rhizobiales 10 1087 Rhizobiales Run SMb21706_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo SMc04401_Alpha_Gamma Predicted regulator of fatty acid metabolism 34 3284 Enterobacteriales
Run SMc04401_Alpha_Gamma Profile
seqlogo SO3516_Alteromonadales Predicted regulator of poly-aminoglycosides utilization in Alteromonadales 30 1798 Alteromonadales Run SO3516_Alteromonadales Profile
seqlogo SPOA0242_Alpha_Burkholderiales Predicted regulator of gluconate metabolism in Burkholderiales, Rhodobacterales and Rhizobiales 21 Burkholderiales
Run SPOA0242_Alpha_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo SPy1297_Streptococcus Predicted regulator of maltodextrin metabolism in Streptococcus 5 1520 Streptococcus Run SPy1297_Streptococcus Profile
seqlogo SssR_Proteobacteria SssR transcriptional regulator 20 Alphaproteobacteria
Run SssR_Proteobacteria Profile
seqlogo STM1555_Enterobacteriales_Vibrionales STM1555 predicted regulator of beta-cystathionase 6 Enterobacteriales
Run STM1555_Enterobacteriales_Vibrionales Profile
seqlogo STM3633_Alpha_Gamma Predicted regulator of nucleotide utilization 16 5297 Enterobacteriales
Run STM3633_Alpha_Gamma Profile
seqlogo STM3696_Enterobacteriales_Burkholderiales Predicted regulator of mandelate racemase 30 Burkholderiales
Run STM3696_Enterobacteriales_Burkholderiales Profile
seqlogo TnrA_Bacilli Global nitrogen regulator 9 10746 Bacilli Run TnrA_Bacilli Profile
seqlogo TreR_Gammaproteobacteria TreR trehalose repressor 34 Gammaproteobacteria Run TreR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo VC1286_Vibrionales_Enterobacteriales Predicted regulator of cellobiose utilization 10 Enterobacteriales
Run VC1286_Vibrionales_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo VCA0673_Vibrionales Predicted sugar transport regulator in Vibrionales 6 Vibrionales Run VCA0673_Vibrionales Profile
seqlogo VP2396_Vibrio_Yersinia Predicted glycoside utilization regulator in Vibrio and Yersinia 20 Vibrio
Run VP2396_Vibrio_Yersinia Profile
seqlogo XCC2209_Xanthomonadaceae Predicted sugar catabolism regulator in Xanthomonadaceae 44 339 Xanthomonadaceae Run XCC2209_Xanthomonadaceae Profile
seqlogo XCC2464_Alteromonadales_Xanthomonadales_Sphingomonadales Predicted glucose catabolism regulator 106 1083 Alteromonadales
Run XCC2464_Alteromonadales_Xanthomonadales_Sphingomonadales Profile
seqlogo XCC3356_Alpha_Gamma Predicted sugar utilization regulator in Xanthomonadales and Alphaproteobacteria 39 1689 Alteromonadales
Run XCC3356_Alpha_Gamma Profile
seqlogo XylR_Bacillus_Clostridium_group Xylose operon repressor 16 19718 Bacilli Run XylR_Bacillus_Clostridium_group Profile
seqlogo XylR_Gammaproteobacteria Xylose sensitive transcriptional activator 9 18390 Enterobacteriales
Run XylR_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo XylR_Rhizobiales Predicted ribose and xylose regulator in Rhizobiales 25 486 Rhizobiales Run XylR_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo XylR_Rhodobacteriales_Rhizobiales Putative transcriptional regulator XylR 23 1230 Rhizobiales
Run XylR_Rhodobacteriales_Rhizobiales Profile
seqlogo YcjW_Listeriaceae_Enterobacteria Predicted sugar catabolism regulator in Escherichia, Shigella and Listeria 25 6012 Enterobacteriales
Run YcjW_Listeriaceae_Enterobacteria Profile
seqlogo YE2053_Rhizobiales_Burkholderiales_Yersinia Predicted sugar metabolism regulator in Rhizobiales, Burkholderiales and Yersinia 17 Burkholderiales
Run YE2053_Rhizobiales_Burkholderiales_Yersinia Profile
seqlogo YE3589_Yersinia_Streptomyces Predicted regulator of nucleotide interconversion in Yersinia and Streptomyces 7 2240 Streptomyces
Run YE3589_Yersinia_Streptomyces Profile
seqlogo YPO0846_Enterobacteriales Predicted sugar transport regulator in Enterobacteria 40 6570 Enterobacteriales Run YPO0846_Enterobacteriales Profile
seqlogo YPO2568_Gammaproteobacteria Predicted phosphotranspherase system regulator in Gammaproteobacteria 88 Gammaproteobacteria Run YPO2568_Gammaproteobacteria Profile
seqlogo YvdE_Bacilli Predicted polysaccarides utilization regulator in Bacilli 22 13925 Bacilli Run YvdE_Bacilli Profile