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The region of the CRP binding was determined more precisely by DNase I protection. In the sense strand, CRP protected from nucleotides -47 to -84, whereas in the antisense strand the protection was from nucleotides -44 to -74 with an overlap going from position -47 to -74, which included the consensus inverted repeat.
Experiment Elements
site: CRP protected region at aldA gene Escherichia coli
gene: aldA Escherichia coli
regulator: CRP Escherichia coli
Lim+#n A,Hidalgo E,Aguilar J
The aldA gene of Escherichia coli is under the control of at least three transcriptional regulators.Microbiology 1997 Jun;143 ( Pt 6():2085-95. (details)
PubMed: 9202484