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  Results:Regulatory site mappingMethods:Footprinting; Mutagenesis
Occupancy of half-site on fragment with mutant CtrA-binding d site and on wild-type Cori fragment was quantified in DNase I footprinting experiments. At site d on wild-type Cori fragment CtrA simultaneously bound both left and right half-sites with Kd 0.25 mkM. At site d on mutant fragment CtrA bound only the right half-site but with lower affinity and Kd 0.6 mkM.
Experiment Elements
site: CtrA-binding site d at Cori Caulobacter vibrioides
site: mutant Cori CtrA-binding site d artificial sequences
regulator: CtrA Caulobacter vibrioides
Siam R,Marczynski GT
Cell cycle regulator phosphorylation stimulates two distinct modes of binding at a chromosome replication origin.EMBO J 2000 Mar;19(5):1138-47. (details)
PubMed: 10698954