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  Results:Regulatory site mappingMethods:Gel retardation
Binding of LndI protein to upstream fragment of lndE gene was demonstrated by gel retardation analysis.
Experiment Elements
site: LndI retarded fragment at lndE gene Streptomyces globisporus
gene: lndE Streptomyces globisporus
regulator: LndI Streptomyces globisporus
Rebets Y,Ostash B,Luzhetskyy A,Kushnir S,Fukuhara M,Bechthold A,Nashimoto M,Nakamura T,Fedorenko V
DNA-binding activity of LndI protein and temporal expression of the gene that upregulates landomycin E production in Streptomyces globisporus 1912.Microbiology 2005 Jan;151(Pt 1):281-90. (details)
PubMed: 15632445